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What's that you say, would you like to receive fabulous discounts, lovely treats and Jersey exclusives? Say hello to Jersey VIP. Jersey VIP offers Very Important People (that can be you by the way!) lovely discount prices on all our treatments at any time. (VIP prices shown in brackets)


How does it work?

Join our VIP club with one fee, one time, and no nonsense. Pop in and pay a one off £25. You'll get a VIP members card and then you just need to show your card when you pay to get the VIP price on all your treatments.

Dermalogica goodness delivered by expert hands.
Feel good skin for a feel good you.

Dermalogica Microzone facial (30min*) £25.00 (£15.00)
A mini facial with a big heart. Targeted treatments to banish those skin care blues. Face mapping comes as standard.
Dermalogica prescriptive facial (60min*) £40.00 (£28.00)
A mini facial with a big heart. Targeted treatments to banish those skin care blues. Face mapping comes as standard.
Selected from skin analysis:
Age Smart, Chroma White, Medi Bac, Ultra Calming.

Exclusive Beauty Care, Naturally.

Hydradermie (75min*) £48.00 (£35.00)
Super active ingredients are boosted by Galvanic and High frequency micro-currents in a double ionisation process. Customise cleansing, oxygenating & hydration for a visibly radiant and youthful effect. Science just got interesting.
Hydradermie Age Logic (90min*) £55.00 (£40.00)
A 3 step radiance enhancing system, combining Hydradermie technology with specially formulated botanical extracts to smooth, contour, regenerate and tone eyes, face and neck. A triple whammy.
Hydradermie Lift (55min*) £40.00 (£28.00)
Facial muscles receive an intensive workout to restore volume and tone. A little lift using massage, stimulation, drainage and supercharged botanical mask. A pick-me-up with added oomph.
Liftosome (60min*) £40.00 (£28.00)
PRO COLLAGEN and THERMAL mask treatment to recharge your skin and your batteries. Sit back and relax your way to super skin appeal.
Aromatic Holistic Facial (60min*) £40.00 (£28.00)
Send your mind elsewhere whilst your skin receives a drenching of therapeutic, restorative and deeply comforting essential oils. Highly active aromatics that soothe mind and body.

Harnessing the potent benefits of natural, active ingredients such as Essential Oils to give beautiful, glowing skin naturally.

Aroma Essential – Aromaplasty (60min*) £40.00 (£28.00)
A multi-vitamin treatment with a delicious and surprising texture which comforts, nourishes and relaxes with 100% natural flax seeds, wheat germ and sunflower seeds. Restore the balance and well-being of your skin.
Aroma Expert Facial (75min*) £45.00 (£30.00)
Targeted treatments, carefully selected through skin analysis to deliver results whatever your skin type...

Selected from skin analysis:

Hydra Force a drenching for thirsty skin
Matt & Pure balancing shine, restoring balance
Nutridivine comforting and soothing for overly dry skin
Harmonie Calm Intense a light touch for the most
delicate of skins
White Bright brighten up those dull and patchy parts
Aroma Expert Youth
Regain radiance and say hello to the old you with targeted Anti-Ageing treatments:
Expression Anti-Ageing £55.00 (£35.00)
Kick collagen out of its slumber and boost your skins ability to reduce those early signs of ageing. (25+ | 75min*)
Experience Anti-Ageing £55.00 (£35.00)
Stimulate sleepy cells and structures back into order to plump, smooth and firm faces. (40+ | 75min*)
Excellence Anti-Ageing Facial £63.00 (£37.00)
Reshape and contour your face with volumising ingredients and innovative technology to plump and smooth the years away. (50+ | 90min*)

holistic therapies

The natural approach to relaxation with oooh and ahhhh as standard.

Indian Head Massage(45min*) £30.00 (£22.00)
Deeply relaxing and penetrating massage combining shiatsu and swedish techniques to treat upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face. Lighter headed and lighter hearted.
Swedish Massage
Soothing, relaxing and stress busting technique to ease the day away. Elongates muscles and stretches time to a place where the clock stands still.

Full Body Massage (60min*) £35.00 (£26.00)
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30min*) £20.00 (£15.00)
Hot Stone Massage
Warmed, smooth stones work your body into submission, creating a deeply soothing, comforting and relaxing treatment for up-tight muscles.

Full Body Massage (60min*) £40.00 (£28.00)
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30min*) £25.00 (£18.00)

cristal clear
The secret of ready-for-anything skin.

Microdermabrasion (30min*) £30.00 (£22.00)
Microdermabrasion and correction work on those areas in need.
Course of 6 treatments £150.00 (£120.00)
* all times are approximate and include consultation
Deluxe Microdermabrasion (60 min*) £50.00 (£30.00)
Microdermabrasion, correction work, mini- lift mask, neck and décolleté massage rolled into one super deluxe treatment.
Course of 6 treatments £250.00 (£168.00)

caci quantum

The non-surgical lift for faces in need of a pick-me-up. Innovative, original technology delivering lifts and smiles in equal measure.

Face lift (45min*) £30.00 (£22.00)
Using CACI technology to deliver a series of carefully calculated micro-currents exactly where you need them.
Course of 10 £270.00 (£200.00)

wellbox vacuum drainage facial

Freshen up, lighten up and leave the puffiness behind.

Full face)
Experience a more svelte and contoured face without the excess fluid.

Individual treatment (45min*) £35.00 (£25.00)
Course of 10 £315.00 (£220.00)
Eye Lift
Say goodbye to those oh so bleary, tired & heavy peepers and say hello to wide eyed and raring to go.

Individual treatment (20min*) £18.00 (£10.00)
Course of 10 £162.00 (£90.00)

lpg endermologie/slimming activation lipomassage

Whip your contours back into shape with non invasive cellular sculpting.

Individual Treatment (45min*) £45.00 (£25.00)
Course of 15 treatments £599.00 (£345.00)
Course of 20 treatments £765.00 (£440.00)


For skin that's peachy clean and good as new.

Priori AHA lactic acid peel (30min*) £50.00 (£29.00)
Delivers an advanced level of exfoliation combined with a generous helping of super vitamins C, E and Pro- Vitamin A to boost cell production and deeply hydrate.
Priori Idebenone (30min*) £60.00 (£45.00)
Super charged Antioxidants delivering the ultimate anti-ageing peel. Packed full to the brim with powerful ingredients to combat the premature signs of ageing, hyper- pigmentation and sun damaged skin.
Guinot Beaute Neuve (60min*) £40.00 (£28.00)
Double action peel utilising the combined super-effects of AHA’s and Vitamin C to exfoliate, feed and hydrate skin into a happy, healthy, glowing state.
Decleor Alpha+Gel Peel (45min*) £40.00 (£28.00)
With alpha hydroxy, glycolic acid and plant extracts to resurface, refine and re-energise to reveal skin which is hydrated and radiant. Peachy soft and ready to go.

beauty essentials

Regular grooming to keep you ship-shape and in control.

Half hour facial (mini facial) £25.00 (£15.00)
Deluxe pedicure: male and female £25.00 (£15.00)
Mini pedicure or manicure (30min*) £15.00 (£10.00)
Mini pedicure or manicure (30min*) £22.50 (£15.00)
Opi Gel Polish (Colour) £25.00 (£15.00)
Opi Gel Polish (French) £30.00 (£17.00)

stunning eyes

For eyes that speak volumes.

Eyebrow wax/shape £7.00 (£5.00)
Eyebrow Tint £7.00 (£5.00)
Eyelash Tint £8.00 (£6.00)
Eye package: £20.00 (£10.00)
Get the look you want with an eyebrow wax followed up with eyebrow and eyelash tint for an everyday super groomed look.
Patch test essential 24-48 hours prior to tinting.


Bat them. flutter them or simply love them for a weekend look that frames the face and widens those eyes.

Bat them. flutter them or simply love them for a weekend look that frames the face and widens those eyes.
Weekend lashes full set £14.00 (£10.00)
1/2 set £7.00 (£5.00)

waxing treatment

Super smooth skin achieved through gentle warm waxing, followed up with lashings of lotion for silky smooth pins and places.

Full leg £20.00 (£15.00)
Half leg £15.00 (£10.00)
Back area £20.00 (£15.00)
Fore arm £14.00 (£10.00)
Under arm £8.00 (£6.00)
Chin area £7.00 (£5.00)
Upper lip area £7.00 (£5.00)
Bikini Waxes:
British bikini for the gently groomed £12.00 (£8.00)
Brazilian bikini for the barely there £17.50 (£12.00)
Hollywood bikini for the baring it all £20.00 (£15.00)

Half leg, British bikini and under arm £31.00 (£21.00)
Full leg, Brazilian and under arm £39.50 (£30.00)
Upper lip and chin £12.00 (£8.00)

threading treatments

Precise grooming, removing and shaping with threading.

Lip or Chin £9.00 (£6.00)
Eyebrows £10.00 (£7.00)
Lip and Chin or Sides of face £15.00 (£10.00)
Full face £25.00 (£15.00)

ipl laser hair reduction

The smart way to reduce unwanted hair. IPL uses Smartlite dual phase technology to target hair follicles for effective treatment of unwanted hair. Safe, effective and precise.

Consultation and patch test £25.00 (£15.00)
Our consultation charge is redeemable against subsequent treatments. Prices based on consultation.


Bronzed, natural looking tanning without damaging your skin.

Sienna X Airbrush Spray Tan £20.00 (£15.00)
A range of shades to perfectly enhance your skin, streak free.

clubs and packages

If you want to save time and save money, join the club.

Face the Day Club £49.99
Receive any two facials or massages each month plus an additional 10% off any other treatments you have.
Bronzed and Ready for Anything £39.90
For unlimited spray tans and that never ending summer glow, join the club. (*costs per month)

Let us create your perfect Sunday package with bespoke treatments to suit. Call for details
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